As a parent, life with a young child can sometimes feel chaotic and overwhelming. Juggling naps, work, chores, playdates, and setting up Pinterest-worthy activities for your child can feel like a challenge – let alone finding time for self care, reflection, and connection. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Creating a strong, dependable family rhythm can:

  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm – for you just as much as your children;
  • Increase your child’s feelings of control, reducing their stress levels and related behaviours  – young children thrive on dependability;
  • Allow you to parent with more ease and joy, removing some of the friction in daily life;
  • Provide regular moments of calm and togetherness, even during busy days;
  • Let you focus on what is important to you, including ensuring time for self-care; and
  • Simplify your life, allowing you to let go of things which aren’t helping you reach your goals.

Rhythm is emphatically not about establishing strict routines or schedules; it is there to serve you rather than turn you into its slave. A strong rhythm creates freedom through establishing a flow which feels natural, where everyone knows what comes next.

I truly believe that creating such rhythms for your family can be life-changing. I do not, however, think that one size fits all. All families are different, so it makes sense that each family’s rhythm will be different too.

That is why I am running this course, dedicated wholly to helping you find clarity around what you truly need from your family rhythm, and confidence in crafting it.

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What will we cover?

Week One
The first week of the course will create a foundation for you to build your family rhythms on. This week, you will dig down into what matters to you as a parent, and what you truly want for your children as they grow. You will pinpoint what is working well for you, and notice where any current stumbling blocks are. You will learn to unpick some of the pressures which come with modern motherhood, and find confidence in choosing what really makes you – and your family – feel happy. At the end of the first week you will feel new clarity around your parenting values and priorities, having explored what is important to you and what this means when it comes to your time.

Week Two
The second week of the course will build upon the foundations laid in the first week to help you craft a meaningful rhythm. This week, you will find practical ways to get more joy and calm into your daily life. You will explore seasonal, weekly, daily, and “micro” rhythms, and learn how these can serve you and bring you a sense of freedom. At the end of the course, you will feel confident in creating a rhythm which works for you and your family, knowing that you will be able to adjust it to suit each new parenting season, and reclaim it with ease should something unexpected throw it off course.

Week Three
The third week of the course is all about answering your questions. I will do a live Q&A video, and offer you some final prompts for reflection as you start to put what you’ve learnt into practice.

Is the course for me?

Yes, if you have young children and want to craft a strong rhythm that works for your family.

It might be that the concept of a family rhythm is relatively new to you; you’ve heard people talking about them, you’ve read a few blog posts, and you like what you’ve seen so far. The idea of creating more moments of calm in your busy life sounds appealing, and maybe you’re struggling with daily transitions around getting your children out of the house in the morning (or into their beds at night).

Or perhaps you’re an old hand at rhythms; you’ve read Simplicity Parenting, you’ve downloaded a printable for your week, and you’re already starting to see the benefits. But when your rhythm is thrown off course you struggle to get back into the flow, perhaps you haven’t found it as easy to stick to as you were hoping, or maybe you just feel like you’re trying to fit your life into someone else’s template.

Wherever you are in your journey, and wherever you live in the world, there is something for you in this course. You can read what other parents have said here.

How will the course be run?

Each week I will post an in-depth video in the course Facebook group. There will also be a live Q&A video where I will answer any questions which come up for you.

A workbook accompanies each week, filled with exercises to get you exploring what a strong rhythm might look like for your family, and loads of practical ideas to get you started. Again, you will be able to work through this at your own pace.

The private Facebook group provides a supportive space for ongoing community discussion with like-minded parents, as you all work towards the goal of creating meaningful rhythms for your families. You will have lifetime access to the course.

How do I book?

The February and April courses are sold out.

The July course will go on sale on the 2nd May at 08:30am UK time and course costs £45.

This course always sell out fast, so if you want to be sure of a place I encourage you to make a note of the date booking opens in your diary!

I look forward to working with you soon.