“If you are thinking about doing this course, take the plunge. It is just lovely, and takes into consideration the whole family.”

“I wanted to send you some feedback and say thank you – it’s been such a helpful and inspiring experience for me. I find that the online world can be so full of lovely ideas for parenting and family life that it’s a bit overwhelming and hard to know where to begin. That’s why the structure of the course was so brilliant- by focusing on our own family values it really helped me to be more grounded, and to recognise which ideas would be helpful to us and which would just add to the overwhelm. The workbooks were just beautiful to look at and I’m sure I’ll look back at them again and again as our family life shifts and changes. Through doing the course I was able to recognise that our daily rhythm was already strong in lots of ways. We’ve strengthened our weekly rhythm to include regular focused space for art, music and nature walks – and I feel so much better knowing that these things are now priorities in our days, not just squeezed in around all the other ‘stuff’ that can all to easily fill our time. The course also helped me to develop a rhythm around cooking and cleaning, and it feels like this has freed up so much headspace as well as allowing me to use my precious bits of time to myself for more nurturing things. Thank you so much again! I’ve loved being part of the first course.”

“This course was a life changer. It’s been a big blessing to us as a family and my sanity as a mother. It’s so nice to have someone to put this together so we as mothers are not so frazzled researching so many different sources. Thanks for your hard work and for sharing your light with us!”

“I think this course is great – it has encouraged me to make space not just to think about our rhythms, and what is important for my family, but also what is important for my wellbeing too. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunities this course has provided me, just at the time I needed it.”

“I have found the course really useful and it has forced me to sit down and think about what is important to me/our family. We haven’t changed too much yet but I feel ready to in a few days when we get home (we are away at the moment). It has made me recognise the rhythms we do have too and given me a bit more confidence that I’m doing ok parenting-wise! Thanks Eloise for running the course.”

“I’m really enjoying the course – it’s so beautifully crafted and your passion and knowledge and integrity shine through.”

“I’ve found the course really useful. It has helped a lot in clarifying our family values and what we place an emphasis on doing each week. Having daily rhythms and a meal plan has really reduced my ‘mental load’ – yes, I still have to plan things but it doesn’t seem to be as stressful or overwhelming as it was before. I’m also trying to use my time more mindfully, reading or writing or doing something creative during nap time or evenings. I’ve so enjoyed this course and felt very supported by a like minded and kind group of people.”

“I’ve made quite a few little changes so far. A song at nap time, a candle at dinner time, using my Grandparent’s old wooden perpetual calendar, which we change each day at breakfast time. I also decided that baking together is quite important to me, so Tuesday afternoons are our baking time now. I used to think of baking together as a special thing that we did on special occasions but now I realise that because it’s special we should be doing it all the time! I definitely feel calmer without having to constantly think “what are we doing next/today?” Interestingly, my daughter found my workbooks and notes and asked about them. I’d written ideas for dinnertime. She was really keen to help with laying the table and what the course is all about. It’s really helping, thank you!”

“The course has really been fantastic for me in analysing the parts of our days that cause stress and working on solutions which make things run for smoothly for all of us. It has also been great for us to think about creating more of a family culture and thinking about the way we celebrate the seasons. I have become much more organised , and I have also written up some list of seasonal activities/rituals that I would like us to do each year to mark the changing seasons and to become part of our own family ‘culture’.”

“I’m so pleased that I took this course just at the point where my daughter is transitioning from baby to toddler. I’m trying to build in gentle rhythms to each day so she knows what to expect. Thanks so much Eloise. It’s been a great opportunity to reflect and plan and lovely to meet these other great mums!”

“This course is just magic, as is Eloise.”