As adults, we have the power to advocate for children’s rights, futures, and lives.

But many of us feel disempowered and uncertain when it comes to pushing for political change and advocating for the things we feel strongly about.

Let us support you as you fight to make the world a better place for the generations who follow us.

Upcoming events and workshops:

The following free events have been designed to support you as you grow in confidence as an advocate for children’s rights.

All workshops are run by Eloise Rickman. Eloise is an author, home educating parent, and founder of A Beautiful Childhood. She works with clients around the world through online courses and coaching. Her work focuses on children’s rights and liberation, and asks what parenting and education can look like through a liberation lens. Extraordinary Parenting (Scribe, 2020) is her first book, and she is currently working on her second book on children’s liberation. She is also working towards an MA in Children’s Rights. She believes that raising children can be a radical act, and that changing the way we parent and educate children has the potential to shape and change society for the better.

Eloise also has a background in politics and government, having previously had a career in political communications where she worked for the civil service and the Green Party of England and Wales.

Write To Your MP: Schools Bill

Who is this for: UK-based parents / caregivers / interested people who are keen to learn more about the Schools Bill which is currently going through Parliament, and why and how this can be opposed.

What the workshop covers: The workshop talks you through the process of writing to MPs in general, and go through the Schools Bill specifically. We will cover:

  • The Schools Bill: What is it and why do we need to fight it?
  • How a Bill becomes law
  • Writing to your MP: the basics
  • Some examples of effective letters
  • The Schools Bill: some key points you might want to consider in your letter
  • Writing your letter

Watch the workshop:


Passcode: H49U=iF!

Write To Your MP: Children’s Rights

Date: TBC

Cost: Free

Who is this for: Anyone who wants to feel more confident advocating for children’s rights with their elective representatives.

(Technical information about political systems will be geared towards the UK, but other parts of the workshop will be applicable to participants around the world.)

What the workshop will cover: The workshop will give you the confidence to advocate for children’s rights with your elected representatives. We will cover:

  • Brief introduction to children’s rights
  • How adults can fight for children’s rights
  • Writing to your representatives: Who should I write to?
  • Writing to your representatives: The basics
  • Some examples of effective letters
  • Writing your letter
  • Further advocacy

Details: The workshop will take place on Zoom (subtitles available) and will last around 90 minutes, including time for questions at the end. It will be recorded, and available to watch as a replay shortly after the session has ended.

A PDF guide will be available to download free of charge after the session has ended.

Please bring something to write with!

<<Click here to sign up>> and we will send out Zoom details 24 hours (and a reminder 2 hours) before the workshop.