“It is hard to describe how impactful The Peaceful Home has been in our family’s life. I have tried many parenting classes/groups, and while most are informative, this one is transformational. The workbooks not only beautifully summarize the most important information but also prompt reflection help you get to the core of any struggles and helps you integrate content in a way that is meaningful for your particular family. The online community is also wonderful and supportive, and it has made a huge difference for me to not feel alone in my parenting journey. I really can’t say enough positive things about the group, and I really think it would benefit any parent, no matter how much or how little time they have spent learning and thinking about peaceful parenting.”

“Eloise – having taken three of your courses, and now being part of this facebook group, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the work you are doing. This group and all of your content has been a constant source of support and inspiration for me at a time when I really need it. The videos and workbooks you create are thoughtful, interesting and totally inspiring. I can see you really pour your heart into them. They have allowed me to make radical changes to our home and family life and I can honestly say that my children are happier for it (as am I, as is my husband). I go through periods where I am very involved in the group and times when I am not, but that doesn’t seem to matter – it is not overwhelming at all and I am able to find a balance that works for me at that time.
Thank you for everything you do!”

“I’m so grateful for this group! I feel like I was already well on my way with reading lots of respectful parenting books, listening to podcasts, etc, but I had no idea how much value I would get from the workbooks, links, discussions with like minded parents, and videos. I’ve read three books Eloise has recommended since joining this group, and they’ve really helped me with this tricky phase with my 3 yr old twins. The communication and inner work topics were exactly what I needed, and I use techniques and strategies I learned on a daily basis to remain calm and connected to my children in the most difficult times. I’m just so thankful to have this support and to be committed to building a home/family that is peaceful, respectful, and cooperative.”

“Eloise‘s work and materials are truly inspiring. They are well thought through, provide enough but not too much information, for me personally just enough to embrace the topic, get confident about it but also giving time and space and resources to dig into them deeper in my own rythm and possibilities. The group feels like a safe place to share any thoughts and get inspired by so many other lovely people having the same joys and struggles day by day.”

“Thank you doesn’t even describe how I feel, the discussions and workbooks have been so good for me and my relationship with my husband, it has help us to get closer after feeling apart when our daughter was born, you make us think, discuss, agree and be better parents for our daughter. Opening my facebook and reading what everyone is feeling or living in this moment makes me feel I found my virtual village. What you have created here is wonderful! Thank you!”

“I can’t express how grateful I am for all you provide us with! Knowledge, flexibility, support, insight, inspiration, and COMMUNITY! Just by being among amazing parents who have the will to grow makes me feel like an amazing parent with a real commitment to grow.”

“The guided topics and information is making me more conscious which is so helpful. Parenting can be tough and so to have a supportive community feels precious. The information and practical examples you give have been really helpful as well as the reflection questions. Just taking the time to pause and reflect is gold. Thank you for creating this group.”

“I am thankful you have created a space where I get to reflect, discuss and learn so much. This group is filled with so much knowledge and love, it is a heavenly place for every parent!”

“Being part of this grouo is so stimulating and even though I do not post all the time there are so many reflections that I have started and progressing internally with. It is not only about finding my way to be a parent but also reconnecting with the person I am and finding my space. Besides the fact of having this community makes me also feel so much more serene and not alone in my struggles.”

“The group is making me the time to reflect, which I never made time for before. I feel as a family we have so much more we could be and feel this is making a difference to our change.”