Hello, I’m Eloise Rickman, author and founder of A Beautiful Childhood.

I work with families all over the world. There is no “typical” parent or family that I work with – I work with families where both parents work full time, single parent families, families where a parent stays home full time, home educating families, families with children in full-time education or childcare, families where both parents work part time, families who move around a lot, families in their “forever homes” – but the parents I work with do all share some things in common.

They are all serious about wanting a relationship with their children that is built on connection, respect, and empathy. Intelligent, thoughtful, and not afraid to dig a little deeper into their approach to parenting, they are committed to working on themselves so that they can show up as the best parents and humans that they can be. Many of them are cycle-breakers, the first person in their family to say no to parenting that is based on shame, control, and punishment.

“I just wanted to thank you for making my life easier. Through your groups and book tips I have become not a better, but a more conscious mother which makes me feel less alone and less overwhelmed. Thank you so much!”

What I offer

I support families through my online courses and workshops, but also through private mentoring calls. I am also available to deliver bespoke training for organisations and groups.

Mentoring calls.

I love having these conversations; they are like a gentle hand on your shoulder to help steer you towards where you want to be with your parenting.

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Training and workshops

I also offer bespoke workshops and training for organisations and groups. Get in touch for a no obligation chat about how I can support your organisation with sessions on peaceful caregiving and progressive education.