I find it a joy and a privilege to work with parents at this exciting time in their lives.

100% of couples I have worked with would recommend a my classes to a friend; here is what some of them have said: 

“I can’t tell you how well you prepared us. We had the home birth we planned and wanted and [my husband] was very calm thanks to all our prep, which was good as our midwife was only there for the last hour as I progressed so fast. Looking back I was in Lidl two hours into the labour! You equipped us to be the best team we could be and that has also laid a fantastic foundation for parenthood.”

“We’re both feeling really excited and prepared, and that’s largely down to our sessions with you so we’re very glad we signed up! We covered so much ground and you’re very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you!”

“Thanks for all your guidance over the last few months, apparently I was very calm, and it was the quickest home birth the midwife had ever been to!”

“Wow, what a fountain of warmth, knowledge, links and calm you are! We loved our weekend with you. You left us both feeling excited about what is ahead and equipped to know we can do it with whatever turn of events. Thank you for your kind words, soothing voice and confidence. We loved your honesty and the practical realistic approach you take to your teaching.”

“[My wife] was so calm that the first midwife couldn’t believe she was that far gone and thought there must be hours left to go! Whilst I don’t want to take away from her achievement, I am sure your guidance gave her a huge amount of strength and really helped keep her so calm.”

“Before doing the course I was so nervous about giving birth which consumed my thoughts and energy, now I feel much more informed and understand all the birth options and possible interventions, so feel really relaxed about the birth – I’m even looking forward to it!”

“I found the course really helpful and informative. My baby daughter arrived in September and I had the fastest labour ever – only 1hr30! I dilated so quickly and I’m sure I wouldn’t have survived the labour without the visualisations and breathing techniques that you taught me. She was a whopping 10lbs 9ozs too but I can honestly say that I had a really good experience which was such a relief as I was terrified when I came to you after the traumatic birth of my son.”

“We now both feel empowered and prepared to cope with the birth itself but also life with a newborn. We are excited!”

“If it hadn’t been for our sessions with you I truly believe we wouldn’t have coped or got anywhere near the birth we wanted, so HUGE thanks.”

“Doing your course reassured us that a gentle birth is the type of birth we would like as a family. We enjoyed that it focussed on all aspects of the birth – not just relaxation exercises but the positive approach to birthing as a whole. We really enjoyed the course and your style of teaching, it was comprehensive and felt fully-researched and well put together.”

“We both really enjoyed learning about everything that’s to come, together – it made us feel stronger as a team. It was great that every reality was covered, even the “less glamorous” things, as we feel very prepared now and hopefully won’t be shocked by anything.”

“Thank you Eloise! Your session hugely helped me especially with the journey to hospital. Labour was around 30 hours, so it was long, but heaps better than the boys and a positive experience.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your class. As you know I was feeling pretty terrified about birth before doing the class, but I’m feeling so much more confident and excited now! I’ve learned SO much about how my body and birth works and how I can work with it (I have realised how little I knew before!) and for the first time since being pregnant I actually feel like I can do it. I think [my partner] is also feeling much more confident in his being able to support me when the time comes.”

“Just wanted to let you know I had a little girl safely at home a few days ago. She was pretty chunky so the midwives were very impressed she had managed to turn herself! Thanks for your help!” (following a breech session)