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***Please note we are not currently taking any new bookings. To book a mentoring package from April 2021 onwards, please contact Eloise***

You want to craft a beautiful childhood for your young children, but figuring out how to make it happen – how to reduce the conflict and increase the connection, how to simplify your life and bring in more beauty and peace – feels overwhelming.

We are not meant to do it alone.


Together we will work to increase the calm in your home, reducing stress and conflict through gentle parenting and peaceful discipline techniques.

Eloise will help you unpick your parenting triggers, giving you practical ways to keep calm and use positive discipline to build connection and cooperation – without resorting to punishment, rewards, criticism or praise.

She will give you practical suggestions to help you calmly navigate any current issues you are experiencing, as well as helping build your resilience for any future issues which may arise through a toolkit of techniques.

She’ll look with you at your home environment and how this can be simplified and made to support your children’s independence, whatever their stage of development (and whatever your budget and size of your home).

Together, you will dig deep into your family values and your individual needs, and work together to help you craft a strong family rhythm which reflects these, reducing overwhelm and increasing predictability for your children, and mental space for you.

She will support you in caring for yourself as a parent, and as part of a couple, giving you practical exercises to strengthen your communication as well as helping you to carve out space for your own needs.

Eloise will give you research-based advice around what you can expect from your young children at different stages of their development and help you to manage your expectations and craft firm, loving, developmentally-appropriate boundaries.

With a unique mix of peaceful parenting and gentle discipline techniques alongside learnings from Montessori, Waldorf, RIE, and other leading philosophies of child development, she will help you find more ease and joy in your parenting as you craft a childhood for your children that is truly beautiful.


A one-to-one coaching package includes:

  • Weekly or fortnightly video calls with Eloise (your partner is welcome on the call too), with practical ideas for you to implement and questions to reflect on.
  • Unlimited email access for anything you want to chat through outside of our calls.
  • Access to my e-courses Rhythm in the Home, Calm Celebrations and Making Sense of Screens.
  • Reading recommendations tailored to your needs.

Before you start Eloise will send you some questions to work through, alone or with your partner if you have one, so that you can really hit the ground running.


…you want to feel more connected to your children, and calmer, less stressed and more patient in your parenting.

…you want someone knowledgeable to turn to who will truly listen to you, who can offer you a new perspective and help you gain clarity around the needs of your whole family and how best to meet them.

…you want to create a beautiful childhood for your young children (and maybe you already have an idea of what that might look like) but you just need some extra support in getting there.

…you would like to be on the same page as your partner when it comes to parenting and creating a peaceful home, but with all of your commitments it’s hard for you to find time to even talk about parenting, let alone read all the books together (and that’s after you’ve decided which ones are worth reading!).

…you want your family home to be a place where you feel relaxed, peaceful and playful.

…you want to connect with your children rather than control them. Maybe you’ve been practicing peaceful parenting for a while but you’re still finding it hard. Or maybe it’s a new concept to you and you’d like support in figuring out how to make the change. As long as you’re willing to commit to trying gentle techniques, I’d love to work with you.

…you work outside of the home. Or you stay at home full-time. Or you work part-time, or you’re a single parent, or your partner stays home, or you both freelance around your kid’s naps, or you’re a blended family, or you’re expecting your first child. You send your children to nursery, or school, or you home educate. Whatever your family situation, my suggestions will always be tailored to the unique circumstances that make your family so special.

Eloise lives in London (UK) but works with parents who live all over the world.


…you want someone to tell you exactly how to parent your children. We strongly believe that only you can know what works best for your family. We can support you in working this out, but we cannot do it for you. You are the expert in your children. So if you are looking for rules to follow or a cookie-cutter routine to implement, Eloise is not the right person to work with you.

…you want us to fix it all for you, without you putting the work in. When we work together, Eloise will always show up with ideas, advice, information, knowledge, empathy, and a whole lot of support. But she needs you to show up too. Digging into why we parent like we do can be hard work; going against how we were parented ourselves to forge a new path can be even harder. If you’re not willing to do the work, or it’s not the right time for you, then this likely won’t work.


We know from solid research that spending money on experiences makes us happier than buying stuff. Taking the time to dig deep into your parenting and the childhood you are creating for your children can be a transformative experience.

We offer two packages:

  • The six call package is an investment of £650, and can be taken over six weeks (weekly) or three months (fortnightly).
  • The twelve call package is £1,200, and can be taken over twelve weeks (weekly) or six months (fortnightly).

We also offer one-off mentoring calls.


Send Eloise an email and she can book in a free chat to make sure you are a good fit before you sign up. She will explain what she can offer and what she does, and give you the chance to ask her any questions you have before you commit.

***Please note we are not currently taking any new bookings. To book a mentoring package from April 2021 onwards, please contact Eloise***