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A Beautiful Childhood is here to guide and inspire you as you go about your vital, world-changing work of compassionately raising future generations.

We know that changing the way we raise and educate children is our only hope if we want a fairer and more just society.

We think a peaceful world starts with a peaceful home. That’s why our work is dedicated to giving those who care for children the tools and resources they need to raise them with respect, empathy, and compassionate understanding.

We believe that parenting can be a truly radical act.

Our dream is for a world where all children feel heard, seen, and unconditionally loved. We want children to be appreciated for their unique selves – whether at home or in the classroom – and for them to know autonomy and feel respected.

We see that children who are raised by brave, kind, loving adults grow to be brave, kind, and loving too. We think investing in our children’s joy and wellbeing is an investment which will be felt by generations to come.

As parents and educators, we hold the future in our hands. Let’s make it count.

If you would like support and your encouragement on your parenting or teaching journey, you’ve come to the right place.

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Our founder Eloise’s book Extraordinary Parenting makes our philosophy accessible, affordable, and easily digested.

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