We currently offer six online courses to parents and educators around the world.

Beautiful Parenting is our brand new parenting course. Designed to give you the evidence-based tools you need to parent peacefully, the course is non-judgemental and seeks to support you in parenting with more ease, connection, and joy. The course runs live twice a year. Find out more.

Beautiful Childhood is our signature course. Designed to give you a good understanding of a wide range of educational and parenting approaches for young children, as well as practical and achievable ideas based on these philosophies for you to try out at home, this course is perfect for anyone wanting to create a truly beautiful childhood for their children. The course runs live twice a year. Find out more.

Beautiful Education is a practical course designed especially for home educating parents. The course takes Eloise’s hundreds of hours of research on education and packages it up for you, freeing you up to spend more time on what truly matters. Find out more here. 

Rhythm in the Home is a self-paced course, carefully designed to help you find clarity around your family values and what you truly need from your family rhythm, and confidence in crafting it, this course can be genuinely life-changing. There’s a reason this course is hugely popular… Find out more.

Making Sense of Screens is a self-paced, non-judgemental resource to support you as you engage with the evidence and clarify your vision for how – and how often – you want screens to be used in your home, as well as navigating your own relationship with digital technology. Find out more.

Calm Celebrations has been lovingly designed to help you create meaningful and beloved family celebrations that will bring you joy for years to come, whilst staying calm and connected to your children in the process. This unique course is one you’ll keep coming back to year after year. Find out more.