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Since having my daughter, Frida, I have become passionate about gentle parenting, and about incorporating a Montessori philosophy into our home. Frida is our first child so we are learning as we go, and I wanted to share our experiences and our parenting journey in the hope that others may find it useful or inspiring.

We live in London, where space is at a premium, and I am particularly interested in how to create an orderly, Montessori environment when space – and money! – are limited.

I am a passionate feminist, and believe in raising a daughter who is mighty and can be and do whatever she wants. We work hard to keep our home and her surroundings free from materials which are prescriptive about gender or offensive – another reason I love Montessori – so you may expect the odd blog post on bringing up daughters and feminist mothering.

I gain so much inspiration and knowledge from other parents, so if gentle parenting or Montessori in the home are your thing, please do get in touch. You can contact me by email at fridabemighty@gmail.com, via Twitter (@mightymother_) or over on Instagram (@mightymother_ ).

Thank you for reading along,

Eloise x


11 thoughts on “About us

  1. Your blog has been so inspiring! I’m a first time mom living in Canada and stumbled your blog through Pinterest. My daughter, Kiana, was born November last and she’s at the stage of expanding her activity space. I’m looking for ideas to turn our family room into her play and learn area, which can also grow with her.

    Please keep writing and be inspirational!



  2. You are truly inspirational!

    It’s great to find another passionate feminist mother out there and be able to share our mothering experiences.

    Thank you for all that you do. ❤


  3. Just found this wonderful blog.
    I’m a mother of a 7month year old daughter living in Germany. She will go to a Montessori Kindergarten when she is about 20 month… At the moment, I’m searching for ideas to also make our home Montessori-like 😉


  4. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I love that you show how Montessori can be presented in a natural, easy going manner, including nature & the outdoors. I get the feeling Frida really enjoys the experiences and home environment you provide for her. Nice work!


  5. Hello,
    I really enjoy your blog. Your Frida is a little older than my son so it has been nice to be able to think ahead a bit. As a family we are not as artistic or musical as your family seems to be so it has been really great to see your ideas, things that we would never think of, and then to incorporate them into our home. We need a variety of perspectives to thrive! I was wondering if you had other blogs that you enjoy or might recommend, maybe some that inspire or challenge you the way yours inspires our family?


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I really love Lulastic and the Hippyshake for gentle / radical parenting inspiration. While Family Rhythms for her series interviewing mothers about their family rhythms. How We Montessori and The Kavanaugh Report and Midwest Montessori for Montessori inspo! Xx


  6. Dear Eloise,

    I love your article on reading and writing Montessori style. I have been a Montessori assistant for the past twelve years and have set up a blog in French to share advice such as yours with parents who want to know more about the method. Would you be ok with me translating your post and sharing it with my readers ? I would put a link back to your version of course… Here is a link so you can see what I have on there to date: http://montessorifrance.com/

    Thanks in advance.


  7. Hey,

    I’d really love it if you did a piece on Montessori Online Training programs like Montessori Live: http://www.montessorilive.org they’re nonprofit organizations trying to provide Montessori educators with the most convenient way possible to get certified so they can influence young lives in the best way imaginable.

    Thanks for all your writing thus far!


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