Life with young children can feel relentless sometimes. It can feel like you go from day to day, moment to moment, without the head space to really think about what your vision is for your family and how to achieve it.

You know that things could be better, that it could feel easier, but you don’t have enough time to read all the books and figuring out what’s right for your family feels overwhelming.

You want a beautiful childhood and education for your children, but figuring out how to make it happen – how to reduce the conflict and increase the connection – can feel hard.

Let us help you find more ease, joy, and clarity.

Mentoring calls

During your mentoring call with Eloise, we will spend 75 minutes talking about whatever you want to focus on or are struggling with in your parenting journey or your child’s education. This could be:

  • Peaceful, rights-based parenting
  • Crafting strong, meaningful family rhythms in your home
  • Setting up a prepared environment at home for your children to thrive in, no matter how big or small your home is
  • Play (toys, activities, books, and laying the foundations for a playful home)
  • Deciding whether or not to home educate, getting guidance on the different home schooling philosophies
  • Practical home education support
  • Anything else you feel drawn to discuss related to parenting

During our call Eloise will truly listen to you, offering a new perspective and helping you gain clarity around the needs of your whole family and how best to meet them.

Eloise does this by offering insight into behaviour and developmentally-appropriate expectations and offering suggestions to help you calmly navigate any issues you are experiencing. She will help you to see what you need to focus on first, and will leave you with practical ideas and actions to implement so that you can find more ease in your parenting, in a way that suits you and your values.

What she will not do is tell you how to parent or educate your children. She strongly believes that only you can know what works best for your family; she can support you in working this out, but cannot do it for you. You are the expert in your children. So if you are looking for rules to follow or a routine to implement, she is probably not the right person to work with you.

Book your call

Calls are available on Thursdays between 10am-4pm (UK time) for a 75 minute call and cost £110 including a follow up email. To book, just drop us an email and once we’ve found a convenient time we will send you a questionnaire along with an invoice.

If you have a partner, they are welcome to take part in the call. If your child is cared for by a nanny, grandparent, or babysitter, then we are also happy to take calls with them.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.