Continuing the slow work of making our whole home child-friendly, we have updated our entrance hall with Frida in mind.

We added a low mirror with a built in shelf and pegs (we chose this one – from IKEA, where else!) so that she can hang her cardigans, hats, and coats up.

Frida is still not quite tall enough to see in the mirror so I added a simple step which she uses to see herself. This also has an added bonus of providing her with climbing / stepping practice.  

We have left a space for her shoe basket right between ours so she always knows where they are. 

This set up means that she has access to her scooter at all times. She currently loves to go over to it and spend five minutes just ringing the bell over and over again. Good for her fine motor skills (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself). 

Just a few simple changes make the space feel very child-centred and encourage independent dressing and self-care, I think. 

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  1. This post has inspired me to finally get our small front hall area happening! Going to get a bench with shoe rack rails underneath but will look for a mirror and coat hooks while there 🙂 Great idea! Your area looks great!

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