Like most young children, Frida is fascinated by wildlife. Mammals, birds, insects, fish – you name it, she loves it. Because of this we read a lot of books about wildlife and animals (“ana!”), and these are probably her favourites (as well as her ever-growing collection of Mog books and Lynley Dodd books). 

We do a lot of talking and pointing when we read wildlife books. We are constantly amazed by how many animals she recognises when asked. At 15 months I genuinely think she might know more animals and birds than my husband! Moorhens, coots, blackbirds, great tits, owls, herons, geese, ducks, buzzards, goldfinch, bullfinch – the list just goes on and on. Children really do have an absorbent mind. 

Frida also enjoys getting out her collection of Holztiger animals at the same time to do matching and play. 

Some of our favourites include:

Wild animals.

This is probably her all time favourite. A beautifully illustrated book containing images of British wildlife. I think some of the appeal is that we can often spot animals we have seen on our outings or in our garden, such as squirrels, foxes, magpies, ducks, starlings… 

Outside your window.

A beautiful book which has illustrations from around the year, as well as some practical ideas for fun things to do in nature. Lots of rabbits and birds and sheep cover the pages of this pleasant book, and I can really see it growing with Frida.

Beautiful birds.

“A is for albatross, the admiral of the sky. B is for bee-eater, beware any bug that flies…”

We love this book. Bright drawings, rhyming, and a fabulous selection of birds make it so much fun to read and look at. My husband and I almost know it off my heart and have been known to recite it on difficult car journeys!


A classic. This is still a little bit big for Frida – physically, it’s a huge book! The gorgeous drawings make it an enjoyable read for her now, but it has so much information that I can see it being on her shelves for years to come.


This is a similar layout to the wild animals book, but include animals from around the world. It also has pages dedicated to each colour, and animals are grouped by characteristics which makes it  a fun read because all the pages are so mixed. 

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  1. Can you please share the author/publisher of the last “animals”book you’ve shared above? A wonderful collection you’ve shared! Thank you!

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