Today Frida spent some time working to transfer water using a pipette. This is a really nice activity for toddlers as it helps develop their fine motor skills and concentration, as well as being a water activity (most toddlers love water).

To set this up I used:

  • Tray
  • Two glass ramekins, the one on the left half filled with water 
  • A pipette (I bought this jumbo one which is perfect for little toddler hands) 
  • Dishcloth for wiping spills 

I demonstrated the activity for Frida, showing her whilst explaining that I was squeezing the pipette, waiting for it to fill, moving it across to the ramekin on the right, then squeezing it again to transfer the water. I then returned all the water to the ramekin on the left for her to try herself. 

This is the second time she has done water transferring in this way. I first thought perhaps Frida was a bit young for this at 20 months (as it is more complicated than it looks, as you have to wait for the pipette to fill before moving it) but she surprised me by getting the hang of it quickly. 

With brilliant toddler logic she then decided that it would be much faster to pour the water in the first ramekin into the second. I can’t argue with that logic! 

I don’t set up many practical life activities with Frida, rather I tend to just involve her with a purposeful task. But for this I have made an exception. I don’t leave it out for Frida, but she has access to her pipette so she can ask me to set up the activity for her (as in fact she did today). 

Does your toddler love playing with water? What practical life activities do they enjoy? 

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  1. Hi! Your blog reminds me of my daughter as I did so many Montessori activities with her, similar to yours! I now run a Montessori playgroup and I’m back to blogging, happy to find another Montessori mum in UK!

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