I can’t quite believe we’re in February already! Although we’re making the most of winter with frosty walks, hot soup, candles at every meal, lots of baking, and generally snuggling up with books or playing slowly with toys at every opportunity, I must say I’m starting to yearn for a bit more sunshine. I enjoyed seeing shoots peeping out in the park this morning!

We’ve started adding a weekly library visit into our family rhythm, as we simply can’t buy enough books at the moment to keep up with Frida’s insatiable appetite for them! Going to the library is such a great activity for toddlers – we walk there (stopping to look at the fire engines in the fire station we pass), select some books to read, pick up those we’ve ordered, order more, return old books and borrow new ones with the self-service machines, and then walk home.

This month, Frida is particularly enjoying: 

Can You Say Peace? (Karen Katz)

This lovely book shows children from around the world and describes how they say the word “peace”. It’s a simple but beautiful book, and is a good starting point for conversations about diversity. With the state of politics both at home and abroad, I feel this is an important book to have in our home.

Peep Inside Space (Simona Dimitri)

A fun lift-the-flap book offering an introduction to space, rockets, and astronauts, recommended to us by my friend Rachael. I think the concept is still a little complex for Frida at 21 months but I don’t think it’s too early to introduce her to it.

Out and About: A First Book of Poems (Shirley Hughes)

Our current favourite Shirley Hughes is a collection of Olly and Me poems and illustrations (some of which are found in other books), starting in spring and ending in winter. Beautiful and very Montessori-friendly.

The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day (Jessica Courtney-Tickle)

The illustrations in this book are very lovely, and the snippets of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons make an interesting conversation prompt about music and weather and the seasons.

Lulu Loves the Library (Ann McQuinn)

A reality-based book about a little girl who goes to the library with her mum every week. As we’ve started going to the library more regularly I thought this would be a sweet book to introduce.

How to Catch a Mouse (Phillippa Leathers)

Not one for Montessori purists (as the cat reads a book and the mouse dresses up!) but Frida is loving this library find, requesting it over and over again. It tells the story of a cat who is not very good at catching mice, until a mouse gives him a cunning idea.

We are also still reading Frida’s winter books, though I’m looking forward to putting them away at the end of the month and getting out her spring ones.

And one for the grown ups… 

I’m feeling a need for a bit of self-care at the moment as my skin is looking a bit grey and sad as we near the end of winter, so I’m currently reading Pretty Honest by Sally Hughes to get some tips on what I can do about it! Next up is When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.

What are you reading this February?

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4 replies on “What we’re reading – February

  1. Love all of your posts especially, ” what we are reading..” I enjoy picking out new reads with my 14 month old book worm. While shirley Hughes is not too popular in canada, Some of your other suggestions have been hits with the babe!! Question about being Montessori friendly, can you elaborate more on why some of your picks are not in like with Montessori theories? Is it because they are not realistic but rely on some imaginative play tools?

  2. I really love the ‘what we are reading’ series…it’s great, keep ’em coming!
    Love the idea of making a visit to the library something more of a regular thing. Do you always go on the same day?

    O is very into Julia Donaldson’s books at the moment. He seems to go back to The Gruffalo a lot.
    Ah and the ‘Old Mcdonald had a farm’ book which he makes me read and sing ad eternum. 😂😆

    I just finished reading The Gentle parenting book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith and I’m now looking forward to her newest one coming out next month.

    I have about a thousand books on the kindle to start as well…I need more time though! LOL


  3. No particular theme to our books this month, but they are all to be read over and over!

    Wombat stew, the great big book of feelings, the old steam train, Sebastian lives in a hat, the gentlest giant in town, paper dolls and two nursery rhyme books. Nursery rhymes are the big favourite in our house just now. Sadly my singing voice isn’t up to much!

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