I am delighted to announce another run of my course A Beautiful Childhood.

I truly believe in an eclectic approach to raising children; in picking and choosing different ideas and methods to fit your own family values and needs, and in being inspired by different styles and trying things out to see what works best. I know that not everyone with young children has the time or energy to read books about every approach they come across, which is why I have taken my research and experience and created this course to share my knowledge with you in a way that is manageable and very practical.

This is the course I wanted to take myself, but couldn’t find anywhere.

A Beautiful Childhood is designed to give you a good understanding of a wide range of educational and parenting approaches for young children, as well as practical and achievable ideas based on these philosophies for you to try out at home.

“This course was all kinds of inspiring. Before the course when pondering all the different types of educational philosophies, and how to incorporate them into our lives, I felt so overwhelmed and confused as to what had meaning for our family. Eloise makes each focus for the week so easy to understand and makes everything so accessible. This whole process has been incredibly supportive and nurturing, being in a group of likeminded parents has been invaluable when implementing some of these approaches in our own life. Eloise was always on hand for advice and tailored support on any areas that were difficult to understand, or just to offer a lovely supportive comment as you worked through. I highly recommend this course to any parent, it has completely exceeded my expectations and I am so excited to use much of what we learned as my daughter grows.”

The course is for you if you have young children and want to be inspired by a range of beautiful education and parenting philosophies. Whether you work full time or are at home all week, whether your children are in school or you are home educating, there will be a lot of simple ideas for you to take away from the course to implement at home to help you make the most of the time you have together. You can read what other parents had to say about the course here.

To find out more about the course and book your place, go to: https://fridabemighty.com/courses/a-beautiful-childhood-course/

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