Hello on this soggy January day; the perfect day for curling up with a mug of something warm and delicious (anyone else missing the Christmas mulled wine?) and reading something good.

Here are some articles I have been enjoying recently, and I hope you will too. Put the kettle on and join me:

Why Modern-Day Motherhood Feels So Frustrating. I found this article by Revolution From Home very powerful, and I am sure it will resonate with many of you as mothers.

Dear Family… Notes for when family come to visit! I loved this post from How We Montessori so much, it made me wish I could cut it out, laminate it, and stick it on the front door of every family with a newborn. Important stuff.

Unbusy In All The Right Ways. This article from Waldorf blog The Parenting Passageway looks at maintaining a calm life whilst homeschooling through all ages. This article felt topical as I start to prepare for my workshop on simplicity (there are still tickets left, come and join us!)

Children are tech addicts – and schools are the pushers. This article from The Guardian made for very interesting, if sobering, reading.

The Need to Throw. A must-read from The Kavanaugh Report for anyone with an infant or young child, looking at how to honour the toddler’s need to throw and provide suitable outlets.

Recipe: How to Make a Fulfilled Human Being. A lovely look at baking with a young child from My Montessori UK. So many learning opportunities from one simple activity!

Children’s book of the month

It is so hard to pick one favourite, but I think this month the prize must go to We Travel So Far, a stunning book on animal migration. Each double page spread features a different animal’s migration story, a simple explanation accompanying beautiful illustrations.  This gorgeous book belongs on any young animal lover’s bookshelf.

Special mention goes to the not-so-glamorous but fantastically useful book Going to the Dentist (part of the Usborne First Experiences series). Frida has fairly regular trips to the dentist at the moment, as she has an issue with one of her teeth, and I want to take whoever wrote this book and kiss them. It has been SO helpful in explaining the process in a matter-of-fact manner, and Frida has asked for it to be read a lot both before and also after dentist trips. I really recommend this to any family with young children. Worth it’s weight in gold.

What have you been reading recently? Please share any articles or blog posts in the comments, I’d love to hear your suggestions! 

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